San Jose & SF

So Gerry hopped on his bike and rode from LA to San Jose and Princess Sarah hopped a plane and flew .. ha ha.

I arrived at San Jose airport and the hotel we were staying at had a “pick up” service. I didn’t want to use my iphone (and pay for roaming charges) so I had to use this contraption.

It smelled like coffee, cigarettes and desperation.

I got to the hotel, had a little nap, shower and then go ready for the Go-Go’s show that night. I met up with some of my GG’s friends for dinner and we had a nice visit. Sitting beside me (with the beard) is my friend Kelly from Thinking Cap Design. He’s the one who made the logo for the GoVegan! w/Sarah Kramer app and he also did a lot of the graphics for the Victoria Vegan Festival. 🙂

Gerry managed to make it to the show!! He hauled ASS and made it just in time. I’m was so happy!! The show was crazy beautiful. It was held at The Saratoga Mountain Winery. What a venue!!

It’s a beautiful way to see a band – outside under the stars. The sound was great and so were my seats (thank you Jane & Leah). The Psychedelic Furs opened and they were even better the 2nd time around. Maybe it’s because I was closer and so the show felt more intimate? I had a great time.

And the Go-Go’s? I mean … they kick-ass. Every time.

Head Over Heels that night was EPIC!  🙂

After the show I went backstage to say good-bye to Jane and the rest of the ladies and I bumped into my friend Nic. Yay!

I don’t know why – but I never take photos with me and the band. I think it might be because I’m having so much fun being in the moment that it doesn’t dawn on me. I gotta fix that next time. 🙂

It was a great night and really fun being able to spend some time with Kelly.

Gerry and I fell into bed exhausted and woke up bright and early the next day to head to San Francisco for a few days. Since the drive from San Jose to SF was so short – I agreed to ride on the back of the bike.  🙂

We loaded up the bike with all our gear (I’ve never packed so light for a trip in my life) and we headed down the highway to SF.

IT WAS THE WORST!! It was 34* and I didn’t have a face shield so it was like someone had a hot blow-dryer blowing in my face for an hour and a half. I almost started crying. *laugh*

About 20 minutes outside of SF the weather changed and I could feel the cool ocean on my cheeks. Thank goodness cause I felt like I was going to have a panic attack.

We settled into our new condo and had a nap.

The condo we rented was off of Air B&B. It wasn’t as nice as the apartment in LA but we were desperate. There was some kind of geek convention going on in SF and every single hotel room was booked. I’m not joking. Every. Single. Hotel. Same with all the Air B&B’s. This was one of the only ones that got back to us so we jumped on it.

It didn’t have a couch (what?) so the only furniture was in the bedroom (which was a closet that was turned into a bedroom) that contained a single bed.

It was great for napping but not for sleeping. Poor Gerry is 6 foot 3 and he couldn’t bend his legs to get comfortable. 🙁

The kitchen was nice and it had CHAIRS (what a novelty) but the kitchen was dirty and had rotting food in the fridge. I know Air B&B isn’t like a hotel but aren’t they supposed to be clean? 🙁 The condo was kind of a bust but on the plus side – it was a stones throw from all our favourite restaurants.

After our nap we ran down to Gracis Madre and filled our boots. If I ever decide to open a cafe … Gracis Madre is one I will emulate. Great food. Great atmosphere. Fun staff. Love love love.

Gerry and I wandered the streets of SF checking out all our favourite stores and just wandering. We love to wander.

Later that night we met up with our friend Jake at Herbivore and had vegan milkshakes and pie.

We love Jake. I wish we saw him more …

The next morning Gerry and I headed back to Herbivore for breakfast. It was perfection.

It was such a HOT day and we were both so exhausted from all our late nights and Rock N Roll lifestyle that we decided to have a chill day and we went and saw Looper. Have you seen it yet? It’s probably my favourite movie of the year.

Later that night we went for dinner with our friends Adam & Sarah (back to Gracias Madre ha ha). I didn’t take any photos for some reason. I must have been too busy stuffing my face.  🙂

On our last day we met up with my best-buddy Dizzy for lunch at Cha-Ya.

Even being Soy Free I was able to find plenty to eat off their menu. They really know how to make food there. My stomach is rumbling just thinking about how fantastic our dinner was.

We said our good-byes to Diz and I headed to the airport.

It was so unbelievably sad to be flying home without my Gerry. I wasn’t going to be seeing him for another 4-5 days while he rode his motorcycle home. Thank goodness for Face-time. I said a tearful goodbye to my hubby and flew home and grabbed Fergus from Larissa’s house.

Fergus missed me a lot…

Or maybe it was the other way around because from the pictures it looks like he had a pretty good time without us… 🙂




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