LA Trip – part 2

My friend Eric just reminded me that I forgot to talk about the show at The Bowl.

Let’s start with Bow Wow Wow.

Lots of fun. Great energy. I met Annabella briefly at the after party and she gave me a big hug and woudln’t stop talking about my hair. Ha ha.

The Motels. When Martha Davis walked out on stage I thought that a homeless person had wandered out on stage. *laugh* But what she lacked in style – she made up for in voice. That beautiful voice is still perfection. Not a bad note through her entire set.

The Psychedelic Furs. I’ve always loved them but seeing them live just elevated my love. The lead singer is so snarky when he sings live and it changes the way I heard the songs. I REALLY enjoyed their set.

And then The Go-Go’s. Poor Kathy Valentine (bass) had broken her wrist a few days before the tour so they had Abbey Travis fill in. It was REALLY weird seeing them play without Kathy. Abbey did a fantastic job of filling in but the energy is never the same when one of the 5 is missing.

The show was great. The ladies had been out on tour all summer and it showed by the tight set they played.

My only complaint is that they didn’t play Throw Me A Curve. 🙂 It’s my all time favourite GG’s song and they don’t play it anymore. 🙁

It was a perfect collection of bands to see on a perfect summer night. I’ll never forget it. 😉

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