San Francisco

Hey Kidlets
I’m coming to San Fran for a holiday at the beginning of Nov … and thought maybe we could plan a Vegan Meetup? Or maybe there is already one going on?? Anyone have any hook-ups?

If there isn’t already something going on … maybe we could all meet somewhere for a visit? What do ya think? Any ideas? I’d like to find a place that is casual but can deal with a bunch of people showing up. That way we don’t need “warn” the kitchen. You know what I mean? Maybe a bar or coffee shop?? And if possible I would love it to be a place owned by a vegan… so we can throw our support their way.  🙂

I’m totally open to ideas!! Lemme know. ** please note ** we won’t have a car and we’re staying near The Castro so somewhere within walking/taxi distance would be great.  🙂

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