San Fran

On the road again… doo dee dee dooo dooo doo doo road again.
What the heck are the words to that song? *laugh*

Here I sit above the clouds looking down at Portland on my way to San Fran. Thanks for the good times Hootens! Josh, Michelle and Ruby are lovely hosts… but it wouldn’t be a party without George.

I am missing Fergus like crazy, so it’s nice to hang out with another doggie to fill the void.

Last night at Food Fight was fun. Everyone lined up so nicely… like good little school children… while I signed their books. It was a real treat to visit with old and new friends and to FINALLY get to go to Food Fight (I need to visit Portland more). I didn’t get a chance to meet Chad (waahhhh) but Emiko was a terrific host and I got to do a little shopping while I was there and I stocked up on all sorts of weird mock meat products that we can’t get in Canada.

I’m hoping Jeremy and Yvonne have a wireless connection so I can do more blogging. It’s all about the blogging.

What the heck is Deja Vu? I’m having serious Deja Vu right now on the plane as I edit photos of George and Ruby with photoshop. What is it? Any ideas? Anyone? Beuller?

Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that I got “tagged” at the airport and got some extra special treatment from the security people. I took off my shoes, belt and sweatshirt and had to stand spread eagle on a matt in the middle of the airport while they patted me down and tested my stuff for bomb residue…. fun.

It actually wasn’t that bad. The lady I had was really funny and called me Honey every time she patted me down on my private parts.

I’m in a cafe in San Fran right now… trying to catch up on my e-mail before we go to Cha Ya for dinner. I have never been more excited about eating then I am right now. Cha Ya is my all time fav place to eat (sorry Pulp Kitchen)

Later kids.

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  1. herbivore says:

    “The lady I had was really funny and called me Honey every time she patted me down on my private parts.”

    That’s funny. Sounds like something I said the morning after senior prom.


    The comforter was stuffed with your beard hair. I collected it last book tour. : )

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