My shoes are made for walking….

Thank goodness I brought comfortable shoes. I walked all up and down Valencia today window shopping and buying presents for Gerry.

I couldn’t find a place with a cord for my camera… booo hisss… so I can’t post photos of my incredible meal from last night. But I did find a store today that sells everything you need to be a pirate. That’s right. I said pirate. ARrrrrgh.

Found some really great stores with some really great EXPENSIVE stuff. I didn’t buy myself anything. 🙁 But Gerry… I got him a ton of goodies. He’s going to be so stoked when I get home.

I went to my fav Burrito place and had Soy-rizzo. I’m stuffed and am now going to have a little nap before I start getting ready for the book signing tonight.

If anyone local is reading this … can you bring a chord for my camera so I can download my photos? I’ll buy it from ya! 🙂

Later skaters. Time for naps.

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