San Fran – part 2

Once we got settled and un-packed – Jane, Travis (Jane’s bf), Gerry and I headed out to a Halloween Party at Gregangelo house/museum. I can’t even explain what I saw … the house was like nothing I’d ever been in. It was like walking into a dream. Every square inch of this house is decorated to the max … and apparently it looks like this ALL THE TIME! 🙂

My photos do not do it justice…

After the house we headed to the DNA Lounge for Trannyshack Halloween party!

The performances were all incredible but I couldn’t keep my eyes of this guy in the crowd.

Their costume was SO creative … I hope they won a “best costume” award. 🙂

After the Trannyshack show we went back to the house and had a snuggle with Jane’s dogs before we hit bed.

It has been a long ass day of travel and I was exhausted but excited to start exploring San Francisco with Gerry in the morning. Wahoo!

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  1. Alison C. says:

    What an amazing-looking house that is! Very cool.

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