I got a really sweet letter from Renee yesterday. Totally made my day.  🙂

Hey Sarah,
Just wanted to say thank you (x 100) for the Vegan a go-go book. We’ve been doing a round the world trip and it has been a life saver. It has been part of so many hostel kitchens and has helped us eat good, healthy meatless foods wherever we go.  It has also started up many conversations and many new discoveries with some of the people we’ve met. I can certainly say that people from the Netherlands to all the way to Turkey have enjoyed looking through your cookbook and have asked “where can you get this?”. Sarah’s place! Thanks so much and I’m happy to be able to share your creativity with people from all over and to say “yes, most Canadians are this cool”.

Thanks, Merci, Dunka, Grazie, Efaristo, Tesekurler from me and the other food-lovers that I’ve met around the world – Renee

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