Pink Washing …

I watched Pink Ribbons last night. Fantastic documentary… I highly recommend everyone  watch it. It made me feel furious, outraged and emboldened.

I know this blog has suddenly become all boobs all the time but get used to it. It’s a few years ago it was all about the Vagina Monologues so I imagine the Anus is next.  🙂

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  1. Everyone should seriously watch this documentary. A lot of people have no clue what they heck they REALLY are supporting when they buy into the whole pink ribbon culture.

    I am glad you watched this so early into your ‘journey’. I first saw it about 7 months after diagnosis. It hit home and finally summed up how I had been feeling about the pinked out mayhem. I, myself, have gone on a few rants about it on my own blog. It’s not that I am anti-pink ribbon… It’s what has happened to it and what it’s been turned into that drives me crazy.

  2. DeDe says:

    Sarah, in light of all this crap you’re dealing with. Your post cracked me up!! lol I think I will watch that documentary. Our 911 center is a huge supporter of the Susan G Koman Avon Walk in SF. They have a team called “911 Angels” that is ranked the 3rd biggest fundraiser for the SF Walk.

    Keep fighting!!


    • Sarah says:

      Love u Dede!! Watch the movie. It’s shocking…

      I’d focus all that $$ you guys can raise and donate it to something more local/grassroots. Then you know the $$ is being used to actually help woman and not to make the statue of liberty light up pink which does nothing.

  3. Allie Munro says:

    Hi Sarah, I was in the Root Cellar today and noticed that they are stocked up on the Soursop fruit (ie. nature’s chemo). I thought of you when I saw it so thought I’d pass it along. xox

  4. Elisabeth says:

    If you liked that movie, this is a website you might find interesting:

    And Barbara Ehrenreich’s brilliant essay one her breast cancer experience.

    And don’t be afraid to find another surgeon. That’s just one man’s opinion.

    • Emily says:

      I was just going to suggest reading that Barbara Ehrenreich essay- it is brilliant.

      I will check out this movie- the Pink Ribbon thing has always, always, irritated me.

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