Have I talked to you about insurance?

About 8 years ago Gerry started riding motorcycles and I told him he had to get Life Insurance. Around that same time my friend Cheryl was training to be a life insurance person? Adjuster? Person who sells insurance? What are they called??

Anyway. We went to see her and she (and her supervisor) sold us the life insurance but kept encouraging to us about adding on Critical Illness to our package. At that time we didn’t have a lot of $$ and it almost doubled what we were paying monthly. Ugh. We hummed and we hawed about it and Cheryl really pushed us to get it.

Holy shit am I ever glad she did.

You can read all about the insurance we purchased from Sun Life HERE. Once you’re done reading about it … go get it. If you have kids. Go get it yesterday.

I am so thankful we have this … it doesn’t take away the fear and stress and distraught we are feeling about this cancer but it does take off the financial pressure we might be feeling right now because of the store.

You think illness isn’t going to happen to you … but what if it does?

Thanks again Cheryl!  🙂

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  1. Scott Spitz says:

    I was just diagnosed with stomach cancer yesterday. I’m a highly-active, health conscious vegan of 18 years (over half my life)…and I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The worst of it isn’t even the coming operation and treatment, but the fear of financial devastation. I was laid off my job of 5 years just a few months ago and the new job’s insurance doesn’t kick in until 6 months later. To summarize, I don’t know what is about to happen to my life, physically or financially, and the effort it takes to cover the extra insurance costs is well worth it, even if it’s never cashed in (you hope it isn’t), and if only for the piece of mind. I do concur. I wish you the best Sarah…your cookbooks are my favorite.

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