Went for a big hike around Thetis Lake yesterday… it felt good to do something super physical after all the traveling I’ve been doing. Gotta get back into the gym on a regular basis. Tomorrow…will start tomorrow.

We saw a woodpecker at the lake. Man was it ever cool to watch him/her get crazy on that tree. They use so much force behind each peck. It sounds like it hurts!

Today I did lots of errands. Drop the dog off at doggie daycare, and went to visit with my friend Joanne who runs a great store here in Victoria called Flight 167. Had a little visit with Gerry at the shop and talked about a few renos wer’e going to do before summer hits. Went to Munro’s Books and looked at Raw Food cookbooks… They all seem so complicated. Anyone recommend a raw cookbook for lazy vegans? I did some shoe shopping and got a new pair of flats from The Shoe Warehouse. It stinks like Barbies in there… probably cause all their shoes are made out of plastic. Went to Chinatown and looked products. Love Chinatown…I also went to Sirens. DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME!! I love Sirens. I also went and had a massage … man did I ever need it. Gail pounded my muscles into a pulp. I feel good.

Is this time change thing weirding anyone out besides me? It’s almost 7pm and it feels like 4…

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  1. sar says:

    I LOVE when you post ones like this.
    Just hearing about your day… And you had a busy one.

    YES! The time change is screwing me up majorly. I am so damn tired in the am. I can’t re-program myself.

    lotsa luv

  2. KleoPatra says:

    I am LOVIN’ the time change.

    I’ve seen a few woodpeckers in my day (ahem, yeah, those too but that’s not what i mean! the BIRD is what i mean!!) and they are so fun to watch. I can’t imagine how that’s gotta feel other than they’ve gotta “be born to be bad.”

    Nice to get out there and move the bod. Good for you. I’m big on hiking as well!

  3. vegan-e says:


    How about some free raw recipes? I was entirely raw for a good bit of time about 8 years ago. I published 2 raw/uncookbooks – the published ones were aimed at children’s nutrition, but you can find a lot of my recipes free online here:

    They are easy and pretty tasty. I do eat honey – sorry – you’ll have to change to honey to molasses or karo syrup.

    Yes, the time change is royally messing with us here too!!

  4. leigh says:

    i tried to be raw for 1 day and it didn’t work at all. i was hungry and cold! also, i went to Caravan of Dreams in NYC and had raw bread, and it was terible! (no offense to people that love raw “bread”) it tasted like a birdseed cracker.

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