E.K. Wimmer

My pal (and artist extraordinaire) E.K.Wimmer (otherwise known as man of a thousand myspace pages) and I did a photo trade back before x-mas. I traded him my Nectarine Bum photo… for his dangling feet photo.
So my photo arrived to him almost right away… but his photo to me never showed up. We thought maybe it was because of the awful snow storm that hit Denver. So a month or more had gone by and I had received nothing, so he sent me another copy of the photo.

I went into the P.O. Box to pick it up and I had two packages waiting for me. The lost photo and the new photo had arrived on the SAME day!! It was crazy. The first photo was stuck at customs (probably because it’s obviously a terrorist)… anyway… long story long. I now have 2 of the same photo, so E.K. told me to give the extra one away.

Congrats to NAT for winning the photo!

Visit E.K.’s myspace page HERE.
Visit the IandI website HERE.
Visit the IandI myspace page HERE.

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