Gerry and I drove up to Parksville on Monday to visit with my friends Sho, Mo and their son Henry.

Sho & Mo are my oldest and dearest friends. Sho and I have known each other since pre-school and Maury I’ve known since we were 13? I’ve only known their son Henry for 3 years – but he seems like a good egg. *laugh*

It’s been almost A YEAR since I saw them last so I was super excited to get into the car for a road-trip and have a good visit but when we arrived poor Sho was sitting in the living room with a bag of frozen corn on her ankle. Oh no. She had fallen and twisted her ankle. It looked horrible. Broken even. 🙁

So Sho and her in-laws went to the ER while Gerry, Henry, Mo & I went to the beach to hang out.

It was a perfect day. Not to hot. Not too cold. We covered ourselves in 60 sunblock and proceeded to play …

Henry is VERY serious about his digging …

and Fergus is very serious about getting as dirty as possible on the beach …

Gerry is very serious about napping …

We had a great time and we ate A LOT! I had packed a cooler of treats: Olives, locally made Holy Hummus, Baba Ganoush, rice crackers, cold drinks and the Raw Slaw from VAGG. I also brought some Organic Fair Canadiana chocolate bars – which I think are my favourite chocolate bars of all time. Who can say no to sweet n salty dark chocolate?

Got a call from Sho while we were still on the beach and GOOD NEWS! It was just a terrible sprain. Oh. Wait. Is that good news? Well at least it’s not broken …

We headed back to Mo’s parents house and chowed down on veggie sushi, drank Micheladas (my favourite way to drink cheap beer) and sat around the patio playing “catch-up” and before we knew it – it was time to hit the road and head back to Victoria.

We said our good-byes. I tried to get a hug and a kiss from Henry but he’s 3 years old and doesn’t want to kiss a girl so the best I could get was a high-five.  🙂

As Gerry and I were driving away I caught one last glimpse at Shoshana on the lawn, caught her eye and burst into tears. Gosh I love and miss those guys something fierce and with them in Toronto and me all the way on the Left Coast – we don’t get to spend enough quality time together. I think a trip to Toronto is in order…

Later that night Fergus fell ill. He had drank too much sea-water and was barfing and upset all night. He didn’t settle down till about 5am. It was a rough night … 🙁

How do you stop a dog from drinking sea-water?

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