‘Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer

13603621_10153629490802536_1166821293337870237_oThis is a great article.

Give it a read: ‘Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer

It echos all the reasons why I decided to go flat.

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Dearly Beloved…

My friend Graham took this shot of us in 2014. I was fresh from treatment – my face still a little round and puffy from all the medications. 

Gerry vowed “In sickness and in health” when we got hitched in 1996 but we didn’t anticipate how sick. 

The statistics are staggering – many woman survive breast cancer but their marriages do not. 

We do not take our bond lightly and we were so gentle with each other during my fight with cancer. It wasn’t easy but we made it through. Hold tight to your loved ones. 💜 

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Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father’s Day!!! I am so lucky to have a dad who encouraged me to be myself (even if everyone else thought I was weird). He’d say “Who gives a shit what other people think. What do you think?” 😜

He also taught me about the value in being creative, about following your passions and most important that it was ok to use swear words as long as you didn’t use those swears to hurt someone else’s feelings.


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I’m going back to my hometown of Regina Saskatchewan in a week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my Dad’s theatre company. 

I’m hoping to visit the tree I planted when I was little. 

I also hope I get to stand in this mud-room again. 

I mailed off a letter to the owner of my childhood house in Regina asking if I could come visit. 😍#ihopetheysayyes

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Vegan necklace

13350509_10153554721417536_6227572909672789536_oI found some old stock left over from my store!!

These beautiful necklaces are $20 each (includes shipping). Message sarah@govegan.net to grab one.

I only have FIVE in stock so message me quick. 🙂 ‪#‎snoozeyoulose‬

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Hippie Foods

13116757_222327484820237_1862779256_nGOOD GOLLY!!! Hippie Foods sent a mountain of treats for the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program!!!

Thank you Hippie Foods for all your delicious and generous support!!

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Happy Mothers Day

I lost my Mum when I was 10 years old and I’ve always been uncomfortable around Mother’s Day because it reminds me of what I lost.

13161759_10153498916537536_1089882715791270243_oRecently I started thinking about how lucky I’ve been to have so many woman step up to mother me.

Denise (my step mum) quietly cared for me behind the scenes (even when I didn’t want to acknowledge her as a guiding loving force in my life).

Linda (my best friends mother) had an open door policy at her house and was always there to hug me and give me a safe spot to land when I felt I had nowhere to go.

Auntie Bonnie has always been my champion and cheerleader and took me under her wing when I left home.

And wonderful Pat (my mother in law) who immediately embraced me when Gerry first introduced me as his girlfriend. I’m so happy to be a member of the Anderson family.

I think my Mum would be so happy and grateful to these woman for stepping in to love a little girl who needed love and attention. I feel so lucky.

Happy Mothers Day. 🙂

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This song hurts my heart … in a good way. One of my favourite Go Go’s songs that brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. Beautifully written by Jane & Char and I love Belinda’s heart crushingly sad vocals in this version.

“All I want is for everyone to love me…”


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Thank you Prince

13086855_10153479777977536_340428664493279482_oIn 2013 when I was doing breast cancer treatment I had a small window of rest between finishing chemo and before I started my radiation.

I was so weak and tired – I told Gerry I didn’t think I could do it – so he tattooed my thumb with the Prince symbol.

Every time I looked at my thumb (while I lay on the radiation table) I would smile. It gave me the power to get through my 28 radiation treatments.

Thank you Prince. 💜☔️

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