Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Fergus’s vet bills. I am overwhelmed with appreciation. It has made a nice dent in a very large vet bill.

He’s home. His bloodwork is “ok” and we are waiting for another test to come through (on Monday).
All this waiting and watching is really hard. Now we just have to get him to start eating. He has lost a lot of weight and does not want to eat anything…
If anyone has any tips – send them my way.
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  1. Andrea says:

    My dog lives with liver failure, and one of the symptoms is not eating. She gets meds to deal with it (mirtazapine, pepcid) but it’s not enough. I keep frozen broccoli and peas in the freezer that I mix with her food to make it more interesting. The broccoli gets steamed with the peas and chopped. Today she had chickpeas mixed in because she hasn’t been eating enough, and she really likes them. Sometimes she gets a couple tablespoons of brown rice added. She eats a dry kibble formulated for liver conditions, but I add the cooking water from the vegetables and let the kibble soften a bit. She also gets a tablespoon a pumpkin each day. It’s from a can and I freeze it in ice cube trays. She gets acupuncture and her acupuncturist taught me to do a massage down her back next to, but avoiding, her spine. It’s supposed to stimulate her appetite, and it seems to work. Sometimes crumbled raw cauliflower mixed into her food seems to stimulate her appetite. She’s doing very well, is happy and generally maintaining her weight, but it’s a daily labor of love. She is six, and we adopted her from a rescue when she was two. It’s so hard to watch our beloved fur babies grow old and unwell, as it is to watch the younger ones struggle. I hope Fergus finds his balance and feels better. I can see how much you adore each other.

    • Sarah says:

      It really is a labour of love – I was happy to care for him for as long as he needed – I know how much work it is for you. Hang in there.

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