I have to say. Oakland airport is the most depressing airport I’ve ever been in … Dark. Smelly. Just sad. …but they had an ipod vending machine. Yes. That’s right. You can buy an ipod from a vending machine!! I got to Portland and my spirits were immediately lifted by the beautiful smiling face of Miss Ruby – the amazing daughter of Josh and Michelle from Herbivore Clothing. She’s such a rad kid.
I hadn’t seen the Vegan Mini Mall yet so we went down to check things out. MAN ALIVE how fantastic is it to have a vegan bakery, vegan clothing, vegan grocery and vegan tattoo shop all in one building. It’s inspiring, exciting and I was stoked to finally see the mall in all it’s glory.We bumped into some out of towners who told Michelle that they saw a car in a parking lot with 5 dogs in the trunk that had been there for 2 days … so we hopped into the car and raced down to find the car and sure enough there were dogs in the trunk. As you can see from the photo the JACKASS who left them there had left the trunk open a little so they could get some air. When we arrived there was already security there checking things out … they called the police who came and got the dogs out of the trunk.

Feeling satisfied that the dogs were now in safe hands we went for dinner at little hole in the wall Mediterranean place. I’ve forgotten the name. Eeek. Sorry.

The food was amazing. The bread was EPIC! Nothing like a good meal to put a smile on your face.

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3 Responses to P-town!

  1. raven says:

    Sounds like a great trip.

    I have a question about the I-pods. Were they already fully charged and ready to go or did you have to wait till you got home (or could swipe some free juice from an unsuspecting wall socket in the airport) before you could use them?

  2. Sarah Laurenson says:

    That vegan mini-mall sounds wonderful. Looks like a trip to Oregon is in order.

  3. Paisley says:

    That made me sick to my stomach about the dogs.
    Why the #%$* did it take two days to get someone to call the police?
    I hope the owner goes to jail for a long time.

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