Last day in P-town

I woke up and spent some quality time with George. He’s such a gentle giant and I really needed some doggie love. I am missing Fergus something fierce!! Then I got ready to go shoot some episodes over at Every Day Dish TV and had some more doggie love from Bruno!
After shooting the episodes I headed back to The Mini Mall to help set up for the party at Herbivore.

I had such a fun time visiting with old and new friends.

Thank you again to Josh, Michelle and Ruby for putting on such a stellar event. And to everyone in PORTLAND! You are so good to me. I hope to see ya’ll soon.

dress by Stop Staring
earrings by Brookadelphia

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3 Responses to Last day in P-town

  1. Carol says:

    All these pictures of you and where is your famous ‘thumbs up’?!

  2. sour says:

    HAHA the girl in the brown hoodie is super thrilled to be there!

  3. jAe says:

    yeah! who is that kid next to isa in the 2nd last pic? that`s hillarious.

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