One more photo …

I looked through my stash of photos last night trying to find more “ugly frizzy hair” pictures of myself to share for the Jessicurl Contest.

Then I remembered that in a fit of Emo rage when I was a teenager I burned a bunch of pictures because I thought I looked ugly in them. God I used to be soooo dramatic!  🙂

But I did find this gem.

The photo was taken in my parents kitchen and I think it was my brothers birthday? I wasn’t living at home so it was somewhere around ’87? (click on photo for larger version)

My bro worshiped Alex P Keaton (hence the shirt and tie). I think I had given my brother a magic trick and he was trying to figure it out. His childhood passion was prestidigitation. Look at my Dad! He is so adorable with that mustache.

Me? I am wearing this weird shirt I bought at Le Chateau that had cut outs in the shoulders. I still had my mohawk here but now I was crimping it into submission. I would spray sections of it with hairspray (sorry ozone) and then shake it out so it stood up everywhere.

Please ignore the package of Export A Green and the burning cigarette in the ashtray beside me. Smoking is bad for you kids. Don’t do it. No matter how cool you think it makes you look. It just makes you smell bad and takes away your youth.

All my friends who still smoke now look like a beat-up tether ball left outside for too long. Wrinkles, bad breath, yellow teeth and with the lung capacity of a mouse. Who wants to look like that?

You still have time to enter the Jessicurl contest. More info HERE.

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4 Responses to One more photo …

  1. Jenny says:

    It’s a Rubik’s Magic! I loved mine and still have one even now age 29 😀

  2. Sunil says:

    I used to shop at Le Chateau! They had the coolest shirts!

    and I don’t think ’emo rage’ existed back then…i think it was just general ‘goth rage’…

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