Oh Fergus…

You know it’s spring when your dog finds something smelly to roll in.

For those of you who missed my radio interview… the show will be archived HERE soon so you can download it for your listening pleasure.

Thanks so much Animal Voices. It was fun!!

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0 Responses to Oh Fergus…

  1. Mizz Monsta says:

    *hahaha* Reminds me of Ralph Wiggum’s “Wiggle Puppy”…


  2. karen says:

    OMG!!! My dog loves to do that!!! She sniffs and flops herself down and rolls around just like Fergus!

  3. Moochiecat says:

    It’s kind of sad really…I can’t think of anything that gives me as much joy as what Fergus experiences thrashing around on that smelly spot. sigh…dogs have it so good sometimes….uh..not that I want to roll in something stinky or anything…

  4. Jane M says:

    And he has a big smile there too!!!! Definately doggy heaven. I love his poofy tail!

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