So much exhausting stuff going on at work right now and none of it worth writing about. *laugh*

Had my third photography class last night…the numbers are really stressing me out. My learning disability with numbers is really messing me up … but I’m trying not to freak out and just absorb what everything means. I’m a grown-up for god’s sake. I know I’m not stupid … it just takes me longer to learn certain things. I love being a grown-up… When I was a kid in school I felt like the dumbest kid in class, now I know better…

These are the photos I took into class for critque. Our assignment was “lines”. This first one was a happy accident. I am practicing “depth of field” with my camera (I never knew I could do this with my camera) so while I was setting up my shot and fiddling with my aperture etc etc. Gerry was VERY bored and yawned and I managed to catch it. I love this photo as did my teacher.

This one I was practicing “depth of field” again and seeing what range my camera has.
I don’t think it’s much of a shot… but Gerry loves it for some reason.

I seriously need a vacation or something… Or a day off with NOTHING to do. Owning your own business is really exhausting. It is very rare when we have a day off and we don’t do something “work” related. A cabin in the woods with no phone or internet access sounds like something I need right now. Or maybe just a massage.

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