Oh boy …

What a weird week. I went for a mammogram the other day because I’ve been having weird pains in my left breast (my only breast). I can’t feel a lump or anything but the intermittent pain makes me nervous because that’s how my breast cancer on my right side presented itself.

Had a mammy. Insisted on getting an ultrasound (mammograms don’t do much for me because I have very dense breast tissue).

I know it’s nothing … but …

It’s probably because I’ve been working on my fitness and I’m trying to build up my upper body strength and I’ve been doing lots of wall/counter pushups so I can eventually do a floor pushup.

At least I hope that’s all it is … ugh. I should know in a few more days (probably Monday) what the results saw or didn’t see.

I just want this other breast OFF!! All this waiting to have my “deconstruction” is so difficult. 

UPDATE: It’s fine. Everything is fine. I saw my doctor. Nothing to worry about.  🙂

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