My trip to Toronto – day four

Didn’t do much during the day, I was pretty exhausted from all my visiting plus the 3 hour time change was starting to kill me. Sho and Mo left early for a Monkey Bunch gig and I slept in and then wandered up and down Queen St and did some window shopping. I hit Fresh again for lunch (they must think I’m a food stalker) and got some take-out food.

Came home. Ate. Watched a little Dr.Phil and then caught a cab to The ROM to meet Emily’s Dad for a ride to McMaster for the film festival. That’s Emily with the red dreads and her Dad is the one with the moustache. 🙂 You may notice my new haircut… doesn’t it look fetching? I’m also wearing my Herbivore Artist Series cardigan.

The film we watched was A Cow at My Table, which I’ve seen before and is tough to watch. I actually ended up not watching it, but sat with my eyes closed and just listened like it was a radio program. It was too graphic for this delicate flower… I ended up in tears just from the sounds. Ugh.
The panel was great and we had a really healthy exciting discussion about the film and all things animal rights. After the movie I got to meet some really nice fans of the cookbooks. We hugged. We laughed.

I didn’t get home till about 11:30pm and found Shoshana in the kitchen making food for lunch the next day. She was working on a potato salad and it was AMAZING! She threw in yellow peppers, green olives and pickles. mmmmmmm. To die for.

I made sandwiches and we talked and talked and talked until Maury came home from a session working with K-OS.

I think we ended up going to bed around 2:30am. Yikes.

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