My trip to Toronto – day five – part one

Last day in town?? Already? Yikes.
Sho, Mo and I woke up early and picked up the rest of The Monkey Bunch to drive to Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area for the Sugar Bush Maple Festival where they were performing all week for the kids.

They played 3 sets that day and again… I got weepy. The Monkey Bunch is everything a kids group should be. Fun. Funny. Smart. Thoughtful. Entertaining for kids AND adults. I couldn’t be prouder of them and the band.

If you have ANY kids in your life. Sons, daughters, neice, nephew, god kids… even just a kid down the street that you think might need a bit of music in his life… GET THIS CD!! You can purchase it HERE. Do it…. do it now! 🙂 The cd has been selling so well that they re-pressed it and it now has 2 new songs. One with Jann Arden and my new favourite song “Sweep The Floor” with Ron Sexsmith.

Thanks to The Monkey Bunch, I’m get to share this MP3 with you today. You can download it HERE (right click and save to desktop) … but only if you promise to buy the cd after you listen to it.

I also uploaded a few videos of them performing.

I shot them with my digital camera, it’s not the entire song… but you get an idea of how fantastic they are.

More about today… tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Holly Pagnacco says:

    i love how she gets into it! yay for sho!!

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