My legs!!

Holy bike-riding Batman!
Gerry and I rode our bikes from our place to Thetis lake on Sunday via The Galloping Goose bike trail…. well actually… we made it almost to Thetis Lake but I got hungry so we stopped at Spectrum School and sat in the grass and had a picnic.

We had hummus and crackers …

bikes are fun

Sugar peas (Fergus’s favourite snack)…

peas please

And of course a Chocolate Chip Cookie from LDV!

cookie break

Fergus was POOPED when we got home. He ran beside our bikes part way but most of his traveling was done via my bike basket … he does have tiny legs though.  😉

soooo tired

My favourite part of having Fergus in the basket is watching his ears flap in the wind … (this photo is from a previous Goose trip).


Today we decided to ride across town to Sears to look at refrigerators (ours is in dire need of updating) … can’t say I like riding in downtown traffic – even with the bike lane it’s still terrifying to have those giant construction trucks whizzing past me. Yikes.

After Sears we headed back downtown for lunch. It’s Monday … so you can guess what we ate.  🙂 Now I am going to lay on the couch for a well deserved nap. I hope Fergus joins me.

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