I always feel like … somebody's watching me!

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Why – Oh Why? Does Fergus stare at me when we watch TV? He sits on Gerry’s lap or on the chair and stares at me for hours.

It’s not that he wants to lay with me because Gerry will hand him over and he hops off and goes right back to the chair, gets settled and then starts staring again.

After 9 years of living together I thought I knew all of his signals but this one has me stumped.

Pawing my arm means he wants me to pet him. Headbutting me with his cold nose means he wants under the covers. Laying by the front door means it’s time to go outside. If he follows that with a low guttural woof means it’s REALLY time to go outside. When he wants food he paws at the bowl in the kitchen to makes it rattle and will sometimes be combined with a high pitched but soft woof. Of course there’s the “Open the screen door so I can go on the porch and suntan” woof.

I can’t figure out this staring … any ideas?

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  1. Carol says:

    Had to laugh reading this because our cat will sit and stare at Andrew like that too. If he looks back at her she’ll hold his gaze and sometimes tilt her head. She doesn’t seem to want anything…I guess she just loves him and needs her ‘gazing at him adoringly’ time.

  2. Maria Rose says:

    Oh my, Bee does this too. I find it really unnerving. I think they are just trying to creep us out, there is no other explanation!

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