My last day….

Breakfast was lovely this morning.
Even though it was just oatmeal and toast like it was in Baltimore… it was mucho better. The preserves were real, the oatmeal was homemade and the silverware was silver. I felt posh. 🙂

Then I had a massage. Jeepers Creepers did I ever need it. My neck/head were killing me and this woman rubbed it all away. I came back to the hotel and napped until 4pm. What a day of nothingness. It was needed.

I went to Hana Zushi for dinner tonight. Holy crap…sooooo yummy. The edemame was fresh, the rolls were tasty and the service was lovely. Finally some good food in my tummy.

Then I walked over to Mese En Place for my cooking demo. This sign cracked me up! 🙂

Christine has a wonderful school and is a fantastic hostess!
Fountain Books did a great job of promoting both events for me!! Thank you ladies!!!

All the cute peeps at my demo were full of fun questions and we spent the night talking about Vegan baking, vegan food and all things Vegan. 🙂

I’m so pooped. I can NOT wait to get home and see Fergus and Gerry and have a normal life again. Living out of suitcases is not fun anymore. *laugh* As excited as I am to go home… tomorrow is going to be a long long day. First the train to Washington. Then fly to T.O. THen fly from T.O. to Victoria… cross your fingers that there are no more cancelled, delayed or late flights. I just want to get home.

Later kids.

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