A room with a view…

OK… So the view from my room is hilarious.
This photo makes it look like it’s so bright and lovely…
But really it’s so bright because the view is a WHITE WALL!! You have to look up up up to be able to see any sky.
I just about died laughing when I opened the window.

Yesterday I did an interview with ??? radio station and I think it will air this Friday, but I’m not sure. Ahhh I can’t remember the name of the station. I’ll post the web info here as soon as I figure it out. You’ll be able to stream the interview online. Hopefully they edited all my ummmms and aaaahhhs out so I’ll sound smart. 🙂

My book signing at Fountain Books was a lot of fun. There was food and friendly people and I had a little chit-chat with everyone. I had a blazing headache, so I hope I made sense when I was talking. I was very out of it and I didn’t take a lot of photos… dang.

Went home and crashed HARD. I’m starting to fall apart. *laugh* My body knows the end is near!! 🙂

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  1. Janice says:

    Here is the information for the radio interview.

    Wordy Birds
    Host: Liz Skrobiszewski-Humes
    Fridays 12:00 to 12:30 pm
    Richmond Indpendent Radio, FM 97.3

    Glad you had a great trip Sarah and safe travels home.
    All my digits are crossed that none of your flights are cancelled or delayed.

    Janice and the crew at Arsenal

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