My day in a nutshell…

This post is for the “other” Sarah Kramer … who is weirdly interested in what I do every day.

9:30am – whoops. Slept in. No time to work out.
9:31am– check e-mails, answer fan mail
10am – take a bath, get dressed, do make-up, throw hair in a pony tail (not a good hair day)
10:38am – eat breakfast – toast with tahini and a little strawberry jam, take vitamins, drink a large glass of water, write grocery list.
11am – work on getting stuff ready for demo in Vancouver. Pick out clothing. Pack up ingredients and props. Put away laundry.
12pm – start baking cupcakes for Vancouver demo.
12:18pm – cupcakes didn’t work. WTF?? Must have measured wrong. DAMN IT!
1:30pm – drive downtown to deliver mirror to Tattoo Zoo and pick up garbage to take to the dump.
1:31pm – have small fight with Gerry about something stupid.
??pm – dumped garbage, got groceries, eat veggie sushi at the beach while Fergus runs around.
3:40pm – Gerry phoned to say sorry.
3:41pm – Sarah is still in love.
3:45pm – quick trim at hairdresser
4:15pm – bring in groceries. Check e-mail. Make more cupcakes.
4:49pm – 2nd batch of cupcakes worked… whew!
4:50pm – I’m done talking about my day.

See. I told you Sarah. It’s boring… 🙂

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  1. sar says:

    Yay!! I LOVE IT!!
    So witty:)

    Thanks Sarah… thats more like it sister.

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