Dear Lexar

Dear Lexar
I am writing to thank you for your quality product.

I recently sent my husbands 1GB compact flash card through not just the wash but also the dryer … and the card was fine and the photos intact.

Thank you for making such a fantastic product that it can withstand a housewife who forgot to check her husbands pockets.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hahahahaha. That is awesome. You got lucky, huh?

  2. kinziephoto says:

    that’s impressive!

  3. boumette says:

    Haha , that’s a funny story. Is it worse than forgetting tissue paper and having white fluff on your stuff for the next month?

  4. shebytches says:

    now I don’t feel so bad… did the same with a cell phone. it survived somehow and worked for about another year…

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