Mr.Cold Sore…

So I woke up with a cold sore!
Yes… yes… I get cold sores. Lots of people do. Don’t judge me.

I thought I had this cold sore thing figured out. I seem to only get them after I have a head cold (rundown/stress/etc). So my last headcold I took really good care of myself, took lysine, ate really well etc etc… and it paid off. No cold sore. YAY!

Well woke up today with a festering sore on the side of my face! Huh? No warning. No tingling. No stress. I’m not rundown. In fact this last month I’ve been seeing a new naturopath and I’ve been feeling really fanastic the last couple of weeks. So what gives Mr. Cold Sore? Why you gotta play me like that?

Anyone have any CS tips??
I’m going into hiding until my face looks pretty again.

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