Monday is our Sunday

Had a great day yesterday. Gerry, Fergus and I stayed in bed till 11am snuggling and playing Angry Birds on our iphone … it was the perfect morning. Then we hopped on our bikes and rode up The Galloping Goose to The Root Cellar to pick up veggies for dinner.

I’ve talked about The Goose before but for those of you who don’t know … I think The Goose is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets… it’s quite magical. There you are in the center of the dirty city and you’re riding your bike where the train rails used to be and you are surrounded by over grown trees, birds-a-plenty and fresh clean air. It’s lovely.

This is a photo from a previous ride along The Goose … but I had to re-post. Fergus sits in my basket and when the breeze hits his ears he practically takes flight!! 🙂

By the time we hit the Root Cellar our bellies were empty so we grabbed some hummus/crackers and had a picnic… and purchased food for dinner.

Feeling adventurous we decided to NOT take The Goose back home but instead take the regular roads back … and it was harrowing. I HATE riding in traffic – especially when I have the dog in my basket. By the time we got home I was stressed out, my lungs were full of car fumes and I was pissed at myself for not taking the beautiful Goose trail back.

Then I took off my helmet and this happened.

Reason #102340 why I should cut my hair short again. *laugh*

We had a nice simple dinner of curried veggies over those King Soba pumpkin/ginger gluten-free noodles and crashed on the couch and watched bad TV with my Honey-bunny Gerry and my fur-baby Fergus.

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday on a Monday.  🙂

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  1. Silvia says:

    I’m serious. Six more weeks and the worse of the in-between stage will be over. Plus, you have gorgeous hair and should show it off.

    I want to steal the lady that does your eyebrows. Spectacular.

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