Mellow day …

We had a nice mellow but productive day today. First was a long drive out to the Saanich to hit up the BC Government Cash & Carry warehouse. I heard a rumour they had a bin of school clocks for sale but unfortunately they were closed Mon/Tues. Bah.

Then we took Fergus for a nice long walk on a trail Gerry researched in the morning before we left. We hiked the Colquitz River trail and it was lovely.

I think one of the many great things about living with a dog is that you search out new places for them to pee on. Let’s be honest … I don’t think I’d be walking in random parks if it wasn’t for Fergus. 🙂

Gosh it was pretty … All lush and spring like. We even saw some fish!!

We also saw this nest.

I was scared to go near it because I thought maybe it was full of bugs or monsters but Gerry saw it had a door and upon closer inspection we realized it was a birds nest. Is it a hummingbird nest? Anyone know?

After our walk we headed into Cook St Village to run some errands (post office, drug store, etc) and then hit up Messob Ethiopian for lunch. YUM!

My cough has not subsided and it’s starting to hurt my brain. Each cough brings on a stabbing pain in my forehead so I broke down today and bought some cough medicine. I hated to do it … I hate taking chemicals but I need to get some sleep tonight.

20 minutes after taking the noxious pink syrup I felt 1000X better. Stupid western medicine making me feel better. *laugh* Let’s hope a good nights sleep will knock my cough away and I can go back to my chemical free lifestyle.

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