London – All the world’s a stage

Next day I was up early to meet my Aunt & Uncle – we were headed down to London on the tube to meet my cousin and her family at The Tate Modern. Did you know that virtually all the art galleries in London are free? How civilized. 🙂

My Aunt and Uncle are so incredible – They’re in their late 70’s and have more energy then my friends in their 30’s. *laugh* I think their secret is that they never stop moving … they walk everywhere, climb to the top of the double-decker bus, walk up the escalator instead of taking the lift. They are always working on projects around the house. They inspire me to step away from my computer and start moving more!!

We walked around London headed towards The Tate … as we walked across the Wobbly Bridge – Geoff explained the surroundings to me.

From the bridge you cross over The River Thames and we could see The London Eye, The Gherkin Building, etc etc. So much history … and no time to see it all!

Guess I’ll have to come back. 🙂

We met up with my cousin and did The Globe Theater tour. What an incredible job they’ve done re-creating the theater … it was like being in church. Next time I’m in town – I want to see a play!!

I have a heart connection to The Globe Theater because it inspired my parents to start The Globe Theater in Regina Saskatchwan in 1966. It’s an amazing legacy they left in Regina … makes my chest burst with pride. 🙂

After the tour we went to The Tate and wandered around. Geoff wanted me to see the Rothko collection because my Step-Mum Denise loves Rothko. It was incredibly impressive. Those canvases are ominous.

I was VERY excited to see that there was a Diane Arbus exhibit. There is nothing like seeing photography in person … on the internet and in a book is never as impressive as standing in front of a photo on a wall.

This is one of my favs … I’m so inspired by her.

After the Tate we wandered around a little and then grabbed the tube up to my cousin Karen’s house for dinner. She and her Son made the Shepherds Pie out of HIAV (how sweet) and we sat around the table talking about old times.

During our chat I learned that curly hair does not just run on the Jewish side of my family … I always thought I was rocking a Jew-Fro but it turns out to be a Jew/Ango-Saxon fro!! 🙂

My family and I went through all the photos I brought from home and we talked about my Mum and everyone shared stories about what they remembered about her. There were lots of tears, lots of laughter and so much love in the room.

It was an incredible night that I’ll never forget and before we knew it … it was 1:30 in the morning! Eeeep!  TIME FOR BED!!

But before I hit the hay – Gerry and I had a little FaceTime Visit.  🙂

Gotta get some sleep … I’m moving to my Aunt Debbies house tomorrow!




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