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This completely flattened me. 🙁

Hi Sarah,
I have your books and enjoy them, thanks muchos!!
I just wanted to voice my complete shock with the LIMITED information on your app that I paid 4.99$ for, to add I normally neeeeeever pay for apps.
I figured since it was a 5$ app, one of the most expensive out there, that it would provide me an number of recipes and ways to search for them.  In search I typed couscous and didn’t get a singel (sic) recipe, eggpland (sic) I was provided with one?
I find with the expanse of your products the prices have gone way up and I am sensing a hint of greed.  I have downloaded other free apps that are a great deal more helpful, resourceful and contain much more info than yours.
On your app there is a section informing of as to how we can buy your books, buy your products, learn about you?  If you’re promoting a vegan lifestyle why not incldue (sic) more recipes, some vegan facts and stats?
I commend your vegan efforts and the work you do, I just feel it’s getting a bit egocentric and less about the food.
Thanks – D.

Normally I don’t respond to jerks but …

Dear D,
I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the app. As with all my books/products I poured my heart and soul into the app.
I personally shot/styled all 55+ recipe photographs you see in the app. My husband and I shot/styled all the “how to” videos and I edited them myself.
This took hundreds of hours of work. I also worked night and day with my publisher and the app builder to make the Go Vegan w/Sarah Kramer cooking app easy to navigate, easy on the eyes and fun to use.
I am shocked that you don’t see the love and care I put into my books/products but I guess if you don’t see value in the hundreds of hours I logged working on this app you probably think Jackson Pollock was just making a mess on the floor.
I want to let you know that I am so hurt that you use the word GREEDY as a description. 🙁
Everything I have done from How It All Vegan, Garden of Vegan, La Dolce Vegan, Vegan A Go-Go, my Go Vegan Calendars all the way through to this new app have been a labour of love. In fact I occasionally lose money or take a smaller cut so we can add extra goodies to the product in a meaningful way.
I’ve sent you a paypal refund to show you that I am not “greedy”. I hope you will take this $4.99 refund and use it for something worthwhile. Perhaps a book on 101 ways to cook couscous with eggplant.
Thanks for ruining my day.
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