Last days in Toronto (part 2)

My last day in town was great. I went and had a little hair-cut from Dawn at Frock… The salon isn’t quite ready yet… but when it is I’ll let you know and all you curly haired girls in Toronto can run down and get a haircut. Dawn really knows how to cut curly hair!! She’s amazing.

I met Sho and Mo for lunch and there was the cutest dog outside the place we ate (can’t remember where we ate). I loved this muppet of a dog so much… her human was inside eating and she patiently waited outside (what a good dog). Her human came out with some bacon and the dog “high 5’d” him for it. *laugh* It was too funny… made me miss Fergus so much.We hung out the rest of the afternoon and I took some photos in their magical garden.

Teresa, Graham and Gerry showed up and before we knew it … it was time to make dinner so we roasted some new potatoes with onions, asparagus and some spices.We threw them on the bbq with some Portobello mushrooms, summer squash and some Tofurky sausages.Mo made a great salad with beets that were shredded and marinade in something… don’t know what it was… I was having too much fun to pay attention to details. 🙂After dinner we sat around and watched the 2nd episode of The Jane Show which was even funnier then the 1st episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!

We said our sad good-byes and Gerry and I went to sleep. Got up early, packed and then went on the hunt for a good breakfast. The hotel cafe didn’t have much to choose from so we walked up the street looking for any restaurant that might serve toast and oatmeal. All I wanted was a bowl of oatmeal and some toast. Just some oatmeal? Anyone?? WTF Toronto?? Nobody eat oats and toast?? Nobody had oatmeal…

We suddenly stumbled on Get Real a Veggie friendly restaurant!
Had a REALLY yummy breakfast burrito and the staff there were really nice. I wish we had found this place earlier in the week. Dang.On the way home we saw this little lady sitting in the window of a store. Just about broke my heart because she was so cute… made me miss my Fergus even more.
After a LONG flight home and a LONG drive to pick up the dog from Gerry’s parents (thank you for doggie sitting)… we finally got to see our Fergus.

There was lots of jumping, licking, twirling and excitement… and Fergus also jumped up and down.Oh but the trip wasn’t done yet… then we had to drive to the ferry. Take the ferry to Vancouver Island (1 hour 45 min) then … oh … we’re not home yet… then there was the 45 minute drive home.

As much as I love living in Victoria… I sometimes wish I lived on the mainland. It would make traveling sooo much easier.

After a grumpy nights sleep, I woke up in the morning happy to be in my own bed. Le sigh. The air smelled fresh and salty and the breeze off the ocean made my skin feel chilly. I was so so so happy to be home. I love my life here… it’s good to go away sometimes so you can appreciate what you have at home.

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  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Glad you’re home safe and sound. Very nice post. Made me weepy.

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