Last days in Toronto (part 1)

For those of you wondering where we stayed when we were in Toronto… We stayed at The Gladstone Hotel. It’s a really wonderful hotel and I highly recommend staying there next time you’re in town. The staff is friendly and there are events going on every single night… the best part is that each room is COMPLETLY different from the next. The only downside of the hotel is that they have no Interac machine… a minor complaint…so if you want to pay, bring a credit card or a heap of cash.

Our first room was the CHINOISERIE ROOM. That room was a little loud (we could FEEL the bar underneath us)…So they moved us to the other side of the hotel to the ECHAME FLORES ROOM which was cozy and quiet and where we spent most of the week. I loved how dark and cozy it was … but I had terrible sleeps every single night…maybe it was haunted. I loved the stairwell… gotta love bright pink walls. 🙂We ended up having to move to a new room our last night at the hotel (we didn’t mind moving cause we knew we’d see something new). We got the SKYGAZER ROOM and I think my favourite of the three. I felt like I was on a space-ship… It took my breath away when we walked in.All the objects on the wall look “other worldly” but are actually molds of every day things like dixie cups and flashlights and mini-bowling pins. We lay in bed and tried to figure out what everything was…

Every inch of The Gladstone Hotel is bursting with art…It’s a really amazing place and I enjoyed our stay.

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    Wow, so beautiful!!! Love the stairwell, too.

  2. Urban Vegan says:

    love the skygazer room–looks like a cross between a techno wedding cake and a louise nevelson sculpture.

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