Last day in NYC

Our last day in NYC was a nice mellow one. Gerry and I packed up our stuff and then we headed to Moo Shoes to visit with Erica and Sara one last time. We ended up going to Madras for lunch and filled our boots with amazing vegan Indian food.Speaking of Moo Shoes… let’s talk about the shoes I bought on my trip. *laugh*

My criteria for shoes is that they are COMFORTABLE and that they look good… These Aurora boots fit the bill. I wore them right away. Didn’t have to break them in. Love love love them.
I also bought a pair of Toematillo boots. Again. Comfortable as slippers. LOVE THEM!
I bought a pair of Ally in red. When I wear these I click my heels together and say “There is no place like Moo Shoes. There is no place like Moo Shoes.”
I also bought a pair of Avocatoe. So comfy and super cute.
I also bought 2 pairs of Natalie Portman shoes which were luckily 50% off.

And of course these amazing Vivian white shoes by Vegetarian Shoes with a kitten heel that I bought at Left Feet in Toronto. These were as comfortable as slippers (see a pattern forming) and I wore them all day at the Boston Veg Fest and they didn’t hurt at all. Now that’s a good shoe! God I love shoes …

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2 Responses to Last day in NYC

  1. rizzarizzrazz says:

    Please forget your Toematillo boots, Avocatoe flats, Natalie Portman #1 shoes, and/or Vivian white shoes at work.

  2. Melisser; the Urban Housewife says:

    Hooray for shoes! I went to Te Casan & tried on the Natalie shoes, but the largest size was too small! ouch.

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