Last chemo …

Did my last chemo. It was incredibly uneventful … and that’s a good thing.Β  πŸ™‚

The night before I made the nurses/staff a bunch of cookies/tarts as a thank-u for all their help during my chemo. They were all so impressed that I baked everything myself … don’t they know who I am? Ha ha.


Nurse M. (who is one of my fav nurses) was the nurse who gave me my very first chemo at the start of my treatment. I don’t know if it was planned but she was my nurse for this last chemo and I was so thrilled it was her.Β  She’s the kind of nurse you want to have. Confident. Funny. Sassy. Chilled out even on the busiest day. I love her … and luckily she also works in the radiation department so I hope she’s there for my first rad appointment.

Gosh it feels good to be doneΒ  this part of my treatment … So good that I made a little video. πŸ™‚

(if the video doesn’t work that means it’s time to update your browser)

The hardest part this week was knowing I was going to feel shitty for at least 5 days after but after 12 weeks of this I know the schedule. Wed I feel ok. Thursday I’m manic. Friday I’m exhausted but still a little manic. Saturday I’m a hot-mess and feel like shit and Sunday I wake up feeling almost normal again.

This week was a little different because I flew in Gerry’s best-bestie Jay in on Thursday as an early birthday surprise. We tucked Jay into a box and Gerry was SO surprised. It was awesome. πŸ™‚

That’s not what my real voice sounds like BTW. I was quoting Brad Pitt in Se7en. I don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it – but “what’s in the box” is not as good as what was in Gerry’s box.Β  πŸ™‚

Having Jay here was such a treat. Gerry and he have a deep bro-friendship. Jay is such a good friend that I was walking around the house with no make up on and only one boob without feeling self concious. That makes him family.Β  πŸ™‚

The best part for me was seeing Gerry smile from ear to ear. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so happy.


On Sunday Gerry had a bro-love motorcycle day with Jay, Stu and Jeff. They rode off on a day-long motorcycle adventure. It was exactly what Gerry needed to unwind and get rid of some of this chemo stress we’ve been carrying around.Β  πŸ™‚

As for me? I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping this week. Lots of rejuvenating naps and Fergus seems to be sooooo fine with it.


One thing that happened this week was ALL my eyebrows fell out. It’s weird because they fell out and then grew in and now they’re all gone again. It makes me feel like I look like a thumb.


Gerry tried to help by filling in my brows for me. Ha ha.


It’s ok. I know it’s only temporary and I’m pretty good at drawing them on … I hope they start to grow back soon. Same with my eyelashes!! Not having eyelashes sucks more that anything. I get weepy in the wind. I get sand in them on the beach. I got carrot juice in them when I was juicing yesterday. ha ha. I need my eyeball protectors back pronto!!!

I’m starting to feel more normal today … and this week I only have three appointments.

#1 is to see my naturopath to talk about my upcoming radiation
#2 is to get my bloodwork done for my oncologists appt next week
#3 is to to a very she-she-froo-froo spa to have a couples massage to celebrate the end of chemo and Gerry’s upcoming birthday!! I am SO excited to be pampered.

I don’t start radiation until the 14th so I’m going to try and get some of my fitness back in these next few weeks before chemo. Today Fergus and I went for a good 30 minute walk around my neighborhood. Yesterday we went to the beach and walked for 45. I wish I could do more than just “walk” right now but I’m like a weak little kitten.

Perhaps I’ll try and sneak some yoga in there too … There’s a fine line between doing what you need and doing too much and I’m trying to find what that is.

Does anyone have any after-chemo exercise/rejuvenate yourself/well-being tips they want to share?

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