La Dolce Vegan

Here’s my kitchen table full of goodies for the LDV shoot. Sadly this cake got cut off when the shot was cropped… man… it sure was pretty. I was the food stylist on this shoot and I should have moved it over to where the mixing bowl was instead. It was difficult to be IN the photo and figure out the food placement all at the same time. Oh well…live and learn. But despite the cut off cake.. I freakin LOVE the photo for LDV. So here’s a few cover mock-ups with some of the outtakes from the shoot. You can see I used the HIAV cover and photoshopped the photos in to see how it looked.

I always wanted the sea-foam green for the cover, but with HIAV and GOV we ended up going with other colors… so in retrospect I’m glad that this color didn’t happen until LDV. These photos were taken by my friend Charolette Kinzie. She shoots digital so we had a TON of shots to choose from. Every photo we looked at felt like something was missing…
And we couldn’t figure out what it was…
And then we realized it was Tanya…She was missing… *laugh* So I sat down in frustration trying to figure out what to do and I put my feet up as a joke and VOILA!! The cover for LDV was born.

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  1. MrSexyPants says:

    The last shot was the one to go with. In the first two the apron looks like some kinda puffy denim pants or a denim skirt. I was a bit panicked for a moment there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What cake/frosting recipe is that in the picture? It’s looks amazing!

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