Kelly just sent me some awesome photos of her and her family enjoying a Valentines meal she made entirely from HIAV, GOV and LDV. Look at how cute she is. 🙂

Thanks for sharing Kelly.
You rock.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Yeah..I made Sarah’s Blog..whoop whoop…lol
    Totally made my day!

  2. Carolee says:

    What’s that seemingly pea-laden dish to her right, our left? Looks delish!!

  3. Kelly says:

    It is the curried vegetables from HIAV….I added the rice and curry together.I also added cucumber in mine

  4. Carolee says:

    The one in the pink glass dish? Maybe you should just include your menu! 🙂

  5. Kelly says:

    haha I will as soon as I get home!I will include the page numbers as well

  6. Kelly says:

    okay here is goes
    Creamy Curried Veggies pg. 106 from HIAV,Carrot Cake pg.148 HIAV,To Fruity Cream Cheese (with strawberries) pg 87 from HIAV,Spicy Garlic Toss
    Mo Mo’s Apple Crumble pg. 192 TGOV served with Quick Anything Goes Ice Cream( I used strawberries0 pg 210 LDV.I also made the Tenacious Tabouli..I can’t remember what page though!

  7. Kelly says:

    k so I forgot the page number for the Spicy Garlic Toss for Noodles. page.83 HIAV…and the Tenacious Tabouli pg. 70 HIAV

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