Interview with Gerry Kramer

I was reading Maria Wimmer’s blog today and was so inspired by the interview she did with her husband Eric that I decided to interview Gerry.

I didn’t tell him what we were doing … I just started barraging him with questions as he played World of Warcraft.

SARAH: For the record please state your name.
GERRY: Gerry Kramer
SARAH: Is that your given name?
SARAH: Is that your given name.
GERRY: I guess so. What does that mean? What is this all about?
SARAH: Is that your given name? (asking with more feeling)
SARAH: What is your given name?
GERRY: Gerry Anderson
SARAH: Why do you go by Gerry Kramer?
GERRY: I’m not sure. I like the sound of it. And it’s my wife’s last name.
SARAH: Is Gerry Anderson your full name?
GERRY: Yes. (getting up to get a coffee)
SARAH: No. That’s not your full name. Your full name is Gerald Anderson.
GERRY: (laughing from the kitchen) THAT’S WHAT I SAID. You’re not listening to me.
SARAH: (laughing uncontrollably) What?
SARAH: (feeling more composed) Who were you named after?
GERRY: My grandmother.
SARAH: Your grandmothers name was Gerald?
GERRY: Geraldine. What is this?
SARAH: How do you know Sarah Kramer?
GERRY: I married her. (sitting back down to play World of Warcraft)
SARAH: Seriously?
GERRY: Yeah. I’m married to her. That’s how I know her. (sounding frustrated)
SARAH: How was your weekend?
GERRY: How was my weekend? It was good.
SARAH: You’re a tattoo artist. Have you always known you’re an artist?
GERRY: Always.
SARAH: Are you being serious about these questions?
GERRY: YES! (as he continues to play World of Warcraft)
SARAH: What are you most proud of?
GERRY: My wife.
GERRY: For doing all the things she’s done.
SARAH: She didn’t do it alone.
GERRY: Is that a question?
SARAH: No. What I meant to say is she couldn’t have done it without your support.
GERRY: Still not a question.
SARAH: How do you feel about this interview?
GERRY: Pretty wacky.
SARAH: Thank you Mr. Kramer.
GERRY: What? Is that a question? What is this all about Mrs. Gigglypants?

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