I love Sunday

It’s the last weekend that Willows Beach is open to dogs until Oct so we took full advantage today.
Fergus had so much fun romping in the ocean …

So did I.
Gerry likes to stay dry.
Came home. Had lunch. Had a nap. Had Apple Pie Pancakes from LDV for dinner. I love Sunday.

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  1. vegannikki says:

    It sound like a lovely day you had, I thought it was funny that you guys had breakfast for dinner because we’re having overnight apple french toast from GOV tonight for dinner. I also wanted to tell you that I recived your calender in the mail on Sat and I love or should I say we (my daughter and myself) love it. It is very well put together and I love the pictures and the recipes, well I just love it all. I am so sad that I have to wait till next year to put it up! Good job on producing another great product.

  2. Anonymous says:

    First nice day we get, I’m headed to the beach.

  3. sour says:

    look at him running in that water
    i just wanna chase him

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