Horse Drawn Carriage protest photos!

Thanks to everyone who came down to protest the Horse Drawn Carriages and to all the townies and vacationers who signed our petition!! YAY!

Even though we are on the street talking to the public about a serious subject … we had a lot of fun or maybe it was the sugar rush from the vegan cookies. 🙂

Victoria is a beautiful sea-side town to visit … but you can see in the photos that the horses work in a very car-congested downtown area and they are nose-to-tailpipe most of their day.

Think about what it’s like when you’re on your bike breathing in smelly car fumes. These poor horses have to deal with car congestion all day and into the evening.

These horses deserve to live a life of dignity …

Not slavery.

If you would like to see horse drawn carriages banned from the streets of Victoria please write a quick letter to Victoria City Hall ( and the James Bay Association( We are a tourist town and if townies and tourists (no matter where you live) write in to complain it will make a big difference.

If you’d like to share the letter you sent and any response you may receive please send it to

We have to get these horses off the streets and onto a sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their life in a safe environment with dignity.

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