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A few months ago I got an e-mail from Hippie Foods asking if I’d like to try their products out. I NEVER say no to free food (ha ha). I had already tried their Hippie Coconut Chip snacks but the gift basket arrived I was shocked to see they had so many other products!! I had no idea. YUM!


Hippie Foods  is a family of vegan, organic, gluten free products. My philosophy with pre-packed food has always been that if you can’t pronounce the items in the ingredients list – you shouldn’t put it in your body. The best part of Hippie Foods products (besides tasting awesome) is that there is nothing artificial in their ingredients list. They are made from pure, simple, organic whole food ingredients.

The Coconut Chips are insane. The ingredients are:  Coconut, cane sugar and sea salt. That’s it. They are delicious and I may or may not have eaten the entire package in one sitting without sharing.  🙂


The Cookies are awesome. Moist, delish and best of all … there is nothing but pure organic ingredients in them. My fav out of the three cookies are the Lemon Coconut. The ingredient list is: almonds, agave syrup, coconut, coconut oil,  vanilla and Himalayan crystal salt. SO GOOD!


The Granola. I wish I could tell you how good this was … but Gerry ate them all before I got a chance to try them. Ha ha. He assures me they are all delicious. It should be noted that this granola is Oat Free.


Lastly the Garden Chips. I have to say – I didn’t like these at first bite – but they grew on me. They are similar to kale chips in that veggie slices have been turned into chips. I think I was more put off by how they looked. They were clumped together in a mass at the bottom of the bag and didn’t look very appealing but just like kale chips … they were wickedly addictive and as I sit here writing about them my mouth is watering and wishing I had more. 😉


Hippie Food products are not available outside of Canada (yet) but if you’re in Canada – then check your local healthfood store and grocery store for their products.

Here’s the coolest thing about Hippie Foods. I told them about my Encore Class that I do at the YWCA. For those of you who don’t know – Encore is an 8-week gentle exercise program for women who have experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer. The programme offers specifically designed hydrotherapy and land-based exercises; healthy lifestyle information; peer support and a Y membership during the program.

This is my 3rd time going through Encore and I love every minute of it. Cancer treatment can be a very isolating experience and Encore opened a door to physical health and peer support that I never had before. I love it.

ANYWAY…  when I told Hippie Foods about my Encore class and asked if they would like to provide some snacks for us for after we exercise … they sent me a GIANT box of goodies. Enough to last us the whole 8 weeks of class. Isn’t that wonderful??


Thank you Hippie Foods for supporting Encore. Thank you!!

BUT WAIT!! There’s more!! 🙂

Hippie Foods wants to give away one of their fabulous Hippie Foods gift baskets to YOU. So the first person (you must live in Canada) to comment on this post will get a gift basket from Hippie Foods!! Congrats to Graeme C!! Put on your eating pants because you won the Gift Basket!!  🙂

Oh my god. My stomach. I just ate an entire bag of Coconut Chips while I was typing out this blog post.  ha ha.

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  1. Oooh – is it me?? If it is, please pass on to the next person, thanks for being so awesome, Sarah!! =)

  2. Graeme C says:

    The Coconut chips are amazing. (I live in Victoria BC)

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