Hardcore Chef

So when I was in Denver for Veg Fest I met Kerry Weber. He has a dvd called Vegan Cooking for Animal Lovers. I finally had a chance to watch it today and I hope Kerry invites me to do a show with him. I think it would be fun. 😉

I can’t seem to find a website for Kerry other then his blog but you can watch some of his videos HERE.

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2 Responses to Hardcore Chef

  1. Brooke says:

    not to mentioned how CUTE he is 😉 I think dvd machines across the world would short circuit if you guys did a show together… too adorable.

  2. Jonsey says:

    His “DVD” is nothing more than a cruddy Youtube video. The recipes are for “potato Chip Vegans.” Using an entire bottle of Ketchup as a tomato sauce? Ew. Go buy tomatoes and stew them. Just because he calls himself a chef doesn’t make him a chef. I don’t recommend the DVD. I bought it and was really upset.

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