Hair today …

… gone tomorrow! I had quite a hair odyssey today.  🙂

First thing in the morning I went over to my friend (and hairdresser) Leah’s house so she could do an “up-do” before I lose all my hair to chemo.

Leah (who works at Lab Salon) helped me grow my hair out from shaved head to what you see today. Growing out curly hair is NOT easy and she made it lots of fun.


So this morning I sat on her porch while she curled, backcombed and beat my curly hair into submission and I walked out of her house looking like Joan from Mad Men!


Then I had to run to my Doctors office for a quick meeting to talk about my “green card” which will allow me to get medical marijuana products while I go through chemo. I called my friend Kimmee in a panic and asked if she could come with me (as she is much more knowledgeable about this stuff than me) and she dropped everything she was doing so she could come to the Doc’s with me. That’s the sign of a true best friend… 🙂


After the docs Kimmee and I had a nice lunch and went to the CBC of Canada to talk about Cannabis. Wow… that was an education. There is so much to learn …

After that I ran around town doing errands to get ready for my first chemo tomorrow. UGH! Is it almost chemo day already??

Came home and took all the bobby pins out of my hair. So many bobby pins … they were making my head hurt. My hair looks hilarious when it’s all brushed out. Everyone says I look like Tina Fey when it’s like this.


I washed my hair and everything bounced back to curly. Straight hair is not for me. fc4033fcccc811e29ce222000a1fd1f4_7

After dinner Gerry and I decided to chop my hair. I put the longer sections into pony tails so I could send them to be made into wigs and then Gerry pulled out the clippers and shaved my head.


All of a sudden … it was gone. 🙂


What is this? 1999 again?? I look like a much older/wiser/happier version of the girl on the cover of How It All Vegan. Ha ha.


I’m ready for tomorrow. Let’s do this.


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26 Responses to Hair today …

  1. Renée says:

    You have such an incredibly powerful attitude about this entire journey. You know that there are countless people out there who are rooting for you, right? Your smile and your energy are a daily inspiration to me. Feel the love comin’ back atcha!

  2. Bob Merrick says:

    Sending you so much love and healing thoughts from La La Land and looking forward to celebrating when all of this is behind you! XO

  3. Anne says:

    That is exactly the Sarah I remember from way-back-when with the super short do. You are so brave and saucy! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending you good vibes.

  4. love the photos! stay strong and positive you are amazing.

  5. Danielle P. says:

    What a positive and playful attitude you have! I admire you so much, words can’t express it!

    (I recently decided to shave my hair after far too many years of hair loss woes. It was so liberating!)

    • Danielle P. says:

      Urgh, I now realize how horribly insensitive that last sentence is… I’m so sorry Sarah, I really shouldn’t have made even the slightest kind of parallel between our situations, however unintentionally. It was extremely tactless and inconsiderate of me, and I sincerely apologize.

  6. Betsy Carson says:

    Thank you for being a bright star in this universe. Wishing you many curly returns.

  7. Joseph says:

    Attitude and positive thinking are everything in this journey. You have all the markers for success! RAH!

  8. babette says:

    Those pictures are so nice and lively… and you are beautiful!

    Good luck with the chemo. I’ll be thinking about you.

  9. Maria says:

    You are doing this with grace, dignity, style, and uber-coolness

  10. Jen says:

    You always did look fabulous with a buzz cut. You Rock it!

  11. Naomi says:

    Everyone already said what I would like to say! You embody grace, dignity, style, power and strength. You are such an inspiration. Sending you strong vegan vibes as you embark on this new journey. Wishing you all the best Sarah!

  12. Julie Hasson says:

    You are sauce an inspiration Sarah! Sending lots of hugs your way. xoxo

  13. Steph Ford says:

    I know it may not always be easy to keep a positive attitude, but it can help tame down some of the anger that comes from time to time. I went to chemo with a good friend of mine a few years ago as she was battling breast cancer. Sometimes just making her laugh would lift her spirits. She is one of the strongest women I know. After she had her mastectomy, she came to my Halloween BrouHaha that year dressed as a warrior princess complete with a bow and arrow. You dear Sarah are a warrior princess too. Sending good vibes and glitter from a fairy in Michigan. : )

  14. Esther Patrick says:

    Love the up do… love the short hair. You look great both ways. Hope the chemo goes as well as possible for you. Thinking of you, admiring your attitude and sending supportive vibes x

  15. Paris says:

    Brave AND Beautiful…good vibes being sent your way!

  16. Daniele says:

    I just adore and admire you so much. You’re such an inspiration and superwoman!!!

  17. Cailey says:

    I hope it went okay!!! My thoughts are with you 🙂

  18. Sarah, I know you through my daughter Summer who became a vegan years ago and lived by your book, How it All Vegan. She loved all of your recipes and still uses them to make her wonderful vegan cupcakes. I just want you to know that you inspired her then and you continue to inspire me with your courage. I wish you the best of all outcomes and know you will beat this thing. Sending love your way. You look beautiful!

  19. XOXO says:

    That up do + your chest piece sticking out + your glasses = magic.

  20. Denise (Ontario) says:

    What a beautiful collection of photos. Very inspirational. Thinking of you with the Chemo Therapy hoping that you rock his world!

  21. Jamie says:

    You rock every look…actually you rock, period! 🙂 Thinking of you and wishing you well!

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