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Gerry and I just did another Good Life Juice cleanse. This time we just did 3 days … actually we stretched it out to 4 days. I’ll explain in a minute.  🙂

12598988_1393977780908945_1494058692_nI have to mention first that Good Life Juice have supported the winters session of the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Expercise Program by donating juice to our class.

We are so thankful to them for nourishing our bodies while we get back into shape.  🙂

Andrea (the owner) also came and did a wonderful talk for our ENCORE ladies. It was called 7 Habits of Highly Successful Plant Eaters. It was awesome. Thank you Andrea!! 🙂

As for the cleanse. They make it very easy to do. All the juice is freshly pressed and delivered right to your door (single bottles of juice are also available at various stores). All you have to do is make room in your fridge for all that delicious juice. Yum!!

11032987_694514027324887_480828356_nI have a wee allergy to citrus so they customized my juice special just for me. 🙂 There were a few different juices to try this time (from last year when we did it).

My fav is the Kale/Apple/Pear/Spinach/Spirulina aka Supra Greens. It’s like Mother Earth freshness pressed into a bottle.

I started my day with the Supa Greens and Gerry started his day with Ooh La Latte. It’s a blend of Salt Spring Coffee organic cold brew coffee, creamy nut milk and other yummy ingredients (mesquite!). I had a sip of his morning drink and I was jealous. It was perfect for breakfast.

Another new cashew milk is the Mylk Chocolate. I can’t even explain how delish this is. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.  🙂

886835_10153256984621971_1159123934482934565_oWe planned on doing all juice-all the time for the whole 3 days but my parents popped into town and wanted to hang out. So Gerry and I did juice for breakfast/lunch and then had food when we hung out with my folks in the evening.

No matter what your lifestyle there is always a way to adjust your cleanse to make it work for you. All the different juices make doing the cleanse really easy. There’s lots of variety and each juice is so unique to it’s self.

I know it sounds crazy to just drink juice for all your meals but the trick is to make a plan. A glass of warm water to start. Then a juice. Then some water. Then some juice. As you can imagine there’s lots of peeing. ha ha. I planned it (by setting an alarm on my phone) so I would have a juice every 2 hours and a big 16oz glass of water every other hour.

I feel lighter, brighter and have more energy. It’s nice to take a break from planning meals and especially to give my system a break from digesting food. I swear it re-sets my digestive tract. If you feel cranky. Drink some juice. Feel tired? Drink some water. Feel insane and like you’re going to tear your hair out?? Eat a banana. It’s not supposed to be torture.  🙂

Whenever I do a juice cleanse on Day 1 – I think “what am I doing?”. Day 2 – I usually feel a little tired and cranky. By Day 3 – I feel amazing and I think “I wish I could do this forever”.  🙂

Good Life Juice gave me a coupon code for you!!! So if you’d like to try the juice or do a cleanse (they deliver all over BC and across Canada) use the code: govegansave15  and it will save you 15% off any order of 12 juices (or 2 day cleanse). You can visit their website HERE for more details. (coupon is good until April 25th). YUM!!


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  1. Njeri says:

    Juicing is a beautiful way to raise your vibration to a higher level. Much peace and happiness to you.

  2. Michelle says:

    A coupon!! I’m buying more. Who cares I have a stash in the big freezer, I need more. I need all the juices!

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