My sweet Fergus has been by my side for almost 15 years and in particular was such a great nurse-dog to me while I went through treatment for breast cancer.

As he now transitions to a senior dog – some health issues have popped up.Fergus is currently dealing with elevated pancreas numbers.

Normal pancreas numbers are in the 200 range. He is in the 900 range. At first we thought it was pancreatitis but he does not have any of the typical symptoms other then the weird elevated blood work.

We have done a ultrasound and blood-work but have yet to figure out what’s going on with him … so now we are about to embark on some more testing and finding a specialist.

Some of you have asked if you could help us out by sending donations so I have set up this page. 100% of the money raised here will go to Fergus’s medical care. If we end up not using all the money – we will donate the rest to a local animal rescue group.

Thank you for your love and support.


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