Go Vegan Journals!

I was cleaning out my office the other day and found a cardboard box FULL of 2010 GoVegan calendars. Eeeep! So rather then toss the calenders I decided to reduce, reuse and get crafty with them.

Each journal has been hand-made/cut/bound by me in my kitchen and contains approx 100 blank pages (made with re-cycled paper). Also included in each journal is a recipe from the calendar (see HERE for details). Cover is card-stock. Journals are 6×9 inches.

100% of the proceeds from these journals will go to Dexter the dachshund who is a foster dog currently staying with us. Dexter came from a neglected house (you can read more about his circumstances HERE) and in an attempt to offset some of the costs of caring for Dexter I am selling these journals. 🙂

Purchase a GoVegan journal HERE.

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  1. Wolffie says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your new look!

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