Gerry …

PrimeBanner_NicoraJonesI forgot to tell you about Gerry …

Yesterday I made a flippant tweet to Gerry about how I NEEDED these exclusive Nicora Johns shoes from MooShoes.

Nobody NEEDS gold sparkly shoes but you know what he did? He bought them for me. Told me it was my “push present” for getting through all my treatment.

Gerry Kramer is my hero. Not because he bought me shoes … but because he’s so thoughtful and kind. He’s my biggest supporter. He has been such an amazing cheerleader for me this entire time.

No wait … I mean he has been an amazing cheerleader for me since the day I met him. He makes me feel like I can fly if I just put my mind to it.

I have sobbed into his chest more time than I can count this last year. I’ve collapsed onto the floor in tears a thousand times. I’ve crawled into his lap and cried like a baby and yet he never waivers in his belief that I can get through all this hardship that cancer brings.

He believes in me.

I wish I could reciprocate but it seems impossible. I can’t keep up with him. He’s amazing.

How did I get so lucky?

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14 Responses to Gerry …

  1. Grace says:

    This is really great.

  2. nova says:


  3. Heather johnston says:

    You two make me cry happy tears. It is such a gift to be surrounded by such love. I love you guys!!!

  4. Shannon says:

    You are both so sweet. I love the love between you both. Please keep loving each other more and more everyday. You’re an inspiration

  5. Shannon says:

    You are both so sweet. I love the love between you both. Please keep loving each other more and more everyday. You’re an inspiration

  6. What an uplifting entry!

    Enjoy all the love! You deserve it.

  7. Jennifer says:

    That made my day. Funny, too because I was thinking about your situation for some reason while going through my own health crap lately and was hoping you had a great support. So glad you do and this post will likely be all the thanks he needs.
    Sending strength and happiness your way.
    Click the heels of those new shoes together too! Guarenteed to help lift your spirits.

  8. Tiana says:

    This made me tear up. I am so happy to see you have such a loving support system through such a tough time.

  9. Ariane says:

    Yay for Gerry! And yay for Bruno too, and all the awesome partners that take care of us and stick by us when we really need it.

  10. Devo says:

    I just wanted to say how wonderful and lovely and amazing the both of you are. I got to be the cheerleader to my soulmate through her chemo and radiation and I knew there was nothing I could do but be with her and love her. I’d spoil her with slushies and milkshakes and anything with a moose on it (she was a northern and loved the moose). I am cheering for you, hoping for you, and loving you and Gerry as much as I can. I have never met you, but my heart knows just how radtacular you both are. I was wondering if there was an address you’d feel comfortable sharing, where I could send you and Gerry a card?
    xo’s and all the fairy magic one can muster

  11. David Miller says:

    Loving is its own reward.

    I was very aware, when out with you and Gerry a couple of years ago, that each of you is a larger and more complete person in the presence of the other.

  12. Pauladian says:

    “Push present”. Hilarious!

  13. Claire says:

    Aside from the love, these are fantastic shoes!! I think you saw my share on Instagram about them 🙂

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