Gerry …

PrimeBanner_NicoraJonesI forgot to tell you about Gerry …

Yesterday I made a flippant tweet to Gerry about how I NEEDED these exclusive Nicora Johns shoes from MooShoes.

Nobody NEEDS gold sparkly shoes but you know what he did? He bought them for me. Told me it was my “push present” for getting through all my treatment.

Gerry Kramer is my hero. Not because he bought me shoes … but because he’s so thoughtful and kind. He’s my biggest supporter. He has been such an amazing cheerleader for me this entire time.

No wait … I mean he has been an amazing cheerleader for me since the day I met him. He makes me feel like I can fly if I just put my mind to it.

I have sobbed into his chest more time than I can count this last year. I’ve collapsed onto the floor in tears a thousand times. I’ve crawled into his lap and cried like a baby and yet he never waivers in his belief that I can get through all this hardship that cancer brings.

He believes in me.

I wish I could reciprocate but it seems impossible. I can’t keep up with him. He’s amazing.

How did I get so lucky?

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